Daily Dozen Gratitude List #32

21 February 2019
Daily Dozen Gratitude List #32

1. Being part of a writer’s group.
Have not been for a very long time. I do my professional writing, and then work on various projects on my own. But now I am, and shared some pages from a project I’ve been working on, great to get feedback from fellow writers, fresh eyes, helpful perspective. Thank you Abby Zanger for inviting me to this group.
2.Shiitake mushrooms.
Especially the delectableness of the diced-and-roasted-with-ghee stems. Yes, you can use the whole mushroom. For years I used to just toss those stems, but now I know better.
3. My nephew Zack Stern’s music. Incredibly nuanced and creative and Wow. Like, he’s related to me? Go to bandlab.com/codefreq. Some songs are instrumental, but I like his songs with words best, because he also writes powerful lyrics. Scroll down to “Throwaway Soulmates” (great title), my favorite so far. Tho the instrumental “Pieces of Memory” is pretty gorgeous.
4. Paula Sharaga, z”l.
Paula taught Gabriel and Eitan at Alef Bet Day Care when they were each 4. She was creative and kind and thoughtful, the perfect preschool teacher, and she eventually left to become a children’s librarian. While riding her bike last week, she was hit by a cement truck and killed. I hadn’t really stayed in touch, tho I’d see her around Cambridge every so often, since she lived here. I am grateful for the happy childhood foundation she gave my kids. And so sad that she left too soon.
5. My 10-year stint as food editor of Hannaford fresh magazine.
Loved creating this magazine with a great team, editing over 1,600 recipes. It’s been a few years, and I still cook many favorites that we published.
6. Hot showers.
This one from Fran Sharpe. Word.
7. Getting a good night’s sleep.
This is something I’m working on, because I tend to get caught up in not getting enough sleep, but I’m grateful for the times when I actually do get to bed before midnight. Problem is, I like staying up late. I just also like getting up early.
8. The internet.
I wouldn’t be typing these words here now without it. I appreciate it as a source for information (am grateful in general for my ability to filter the real from the dubious most of the time), and for connection, like right here. Like email, and research, and discovery, in so many realms.
9. No internet.
Sometimes, it’s good to just turn it all off. To wonder about something and discuss it, and not find out the answer by googling. And the cool thing is, I can be grateful for both yes and no internet, because I can enjoy each state at different times. They are not mutually exclusive. I am not cheating on the internet when I turn it off. I am not cheating on the no internet when I turn it on.
10. Facebook.
Hesitate with this one too, beauce fb certainly has negative elements. But facebook in particular, of various social media platforms, has enabled me to connect and reconnect with so many people – to stay in touch with new friends, and reconnect with old. There’s a whole JDS contingent, and a Wilson contingent, and college, and etc. And, since Eitan and Larry left, it’s been an extremely helpful platform for me to share the love I have for them.
11. Hot chocolate.
Okay, I great enjoy my coffee-like unsweetened brewed cocoa beans. But every once in a while, a steaming mug of the real stuff, made with milk or coconut milk and actual melted chocolate is a welcome treat. Especially frothed up a little with a milk frother. Or topped with a dollop of whipped cream. The ultimate in richness is the hot chocolate offered by Burdick’s Chocolate in Harvard Square (they have other locations, but that’s the one near me, and credit to their website for the photo). They sell bags of the ground chocolate too, so you can try this at home.
12. The word dollop.

Burdick's Hot Chocolate

Burdick’s Hot Chocolate

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