Daily Dozen Gratitude List #29

18 February 2019
Daily Dozen Gratitude List #29

Today is a tough one, another one of those the heart knows before the mind does.

1. Understanding the concept of triggering.
Not that I want to have it, but having experienced it helps my understanding of when others have a triggered reaction. I had it that time in California (see DDGL#28:4), and today, a mention of Eitan put me into a heart-wrenching weeping state, in a way I haven’t been for a while. I do so much mental prep for his yahrzeit and for 2/14. And I realized Oh, today is the date and day, Monday, Feb. 18, of his funeral, six years ago, flashes of the ceremony, the frigid cold of the cemetery, the rallying of all his friends, and at my house after, meeting many I hadn’t met before (like, he never told me there were girls at the parties he held in my basement). Love his friends. My heart reacted to the date before my mind acknowledged it.
2. The three-part yoga breath aka Dirga Pranyama.
It’s been a while since a teacher has led a class through this breathing prana, pose, but it is one I do on my own. Very calming when I remember to take these breaths. Start with a deep breath, filling first your belly, then your rib area, and finally your chest. Release the breath in the reverse, ultimately emptying your lungs.
3. Balancing.
4. Photo canvases.
5. Flowering potted plants.
Like the daffodils and tulips and hyacinths Trader Joe’s has right now.
6. Long walks on the beach.
Really. Most times of the year, unless it’s bitter, bitter cold. Sand and sea and sky, a distant horizon, uplift and rejuvenate. Especially like rising early to watch the sun rise. Eleven years ago, Larry and I went to Sanibel Island, Florida, and I got up before the crack of dawn each morning (he slept) to catch the sunrise. He had suggested Sanibel because it’s known for its seashells, and he knew how much I love beach combing. Grateful for all the beach walks we shared (later in the day).
7. Randomly getting TSA precheck.
8. Bright colors.
9. The way my nephew says, “Or?” when he’s not happy with choices given. Succinct and to the point and has now become part of my working expressions.
– You can have some vegetable broth for lunch.
– Or?
– Let’s go see Transformers 7!
– Or?
10. Studying in person with my Dad.
With etymological dictionaries and regular dictionaries and concordances and four translations of Isaiah piled around us on the kitchen table.
11. Going to the Havurah I grew up in for Shabbat.
Always nice when I’m visiting my folks to be here for a first/third/fifth Shabbat so I can attend this service.
12. Boker Or parsha study at Adas Israel.
They have such terrific rabbis here now, who rotate leading this class before services on Shabbat morning with great insight and inspiration. Such a special community.

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island at sunrise

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