Daily Dozen Gratitude List #26

15 February 2019
Daily Dozen Gratitude List #26
In no particular order:

1. Moments of unbridled creativity.
The flashes of pure inspiration that attack and hold on and won’t let go till all that needs to pour out has flowed, for now, power of thoughts and words and images.
2. “The One Day at a Time” reboot.
Season 3! Very likable, strong characters showing a range and depth of experiences.
3. The last-minute cancellation of the planned Shabbat dinner at friends.
Whaaa? Had been looking forward to time with family friends in DC, but they became sic this afternoonk. No, not grateful for that. But grateful for the unexpected lovely Shabbat dinner with just my parents. And the dinner that I made on the fly. (Mom used to call it making Stone Soup – putting together what you have on hand into a grand meal.) And I treasure it when Dad blesses me with the priestly blessing, and sings a unique line of “Eshet Chayil” (“Woman of Valor”) to my Mom.
4. Creating new recipes.
Happens sometimes when I need to make dinner on the fly. I’m at my folks, and Mom suggested we go out and buy some fish, except, at 5:45pm, I didn’t feel like going shopping. I like the culinary challenge of pantry/fridge cooking – what can I make with what we have on hand. Le menu: roasted whole vegetable cauliflower (not a new recipe, but still yum). Yes the florets, but also best kept secret: the celery-like stems, thinly sliced and roasted (nomnom!), and the thick center stem, thinly sliced in rounds and roasted is sooo good. (The center stem slices never make it to the guest table – they are the Cook’s Reward Nosh.) The new recipe tonight was a simple spinach frittata made from what I found in the fridge: baby spinach, eggs, skyr, frozen chopped onions, some leftover shredded cheddar cheese. DEEliscious.
5. Friday night parsha discussions.
Something I did growing up, and participate when I’m at my folks in DC for Shabbat. My dad prepares an in-depth discussion exploring an aspect of the parsha. Tonight’s discussion, on a passage from Tezaveh, was on incense, which makes its first appearance in Exodus. And why have incense at all? Interesting verse (30:34) on the ingredients that must be included in the making thereof:
spices, stacte, and onycha, and galbanum;
spices, with pure frankincense.”
סַמִּים, נָטָף וּשְׁחֵלֶת וְחֶלְבְּנָה, סַמִּים, וּלְבֹנָה זַכָּה: בַּד בְּבַד, יִהְיֶה.
Intrigued to find out more.
6. Pockets.
7. Coconut oil.
8. Singing rounds.
9. Higglety Pigglety Pop, or There Must Be More to Life by Maurice Sendak.
I have a signed copy, from when I worked at the late great children’s bookstore The Cheshire Cat in high school. Just found out there’s a short movie version (voiced by Meryl Streep!) – almost afraid to watch. And also an opera, which Sendak was involved with. (Listened to a little, further reinforcing that traditional opera is not my thing.) It’s a chapter picture book that I’ve loved since I was a kid. Knew someone in high school whose family had named their house The Castle Yonder (with a plaque), inspired by this book.
10. Emily Dickinson.
Are you nobody, too?
11. Yoga shoutout to Jen Dryer.
Even tho she teaches at studios in DC, I think I’ve had Jen as a teacher for the longest ongoing time. I first had classes with her when she was at the late great Lil Omm four years ago. When that incarnation of Lil Omm closed, I started going to the Washington Yoga Center – and Jen teaches there too. Had the pleasure of a class with her this morning. Her classes are thoughtful and challenging and always enjoyable.
12. Seashells.

Higglety Pigglety Pop

or There Must Be More to Life

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