04.02.2014 Happy Birthday Eitan

Eitan birthday 1996

Brothers on Eitan’s birthday, 1996

I look at this photo and wonder what the deal is, with the 4 candle, and the two 0 candles, and ALL those candles, when this was 1996 and Eitan’s 2nd birthday. I have a feeling he and Gabriel went through the birthday candle drawer and went a little wild. Hence the giggly grins on their faces. ** In our house, we like to extend the birthday celebration as much as possible. So we’d celebrate on the actual day, then also have a birthday Shabbat meal, and then a birthday party with friends. The anniversary of the birth of my children is a joyful occasion, worthy or more than one day’s observance! ** In honor of Eitan’s birthday, I went for Cheetos -ish. I actually prefer the Whole Foods knock off. And another “natural” brand called Barbara’s, which Eitan liked too – I used to open a bag to munch on while I’d prepare Shabbat dinner, and Eitan would appear and dig in too, and between the two of us we’d quickly polish off the bag. Whole Foods didn’t have Barbara’s the other night, so I made do with theirs. With a shot of Sour Cherry juice.

04.02.2014 Cheese Curls and Cherry Juice

Cheese Curls and sour cherry juice


My brother made this Eitan’s Birthday still life:

Birthday Still Life 2014 by Avi

Still Life with Doritos Variations

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