03.28.2014 Fifty-eight Weeks

Fifty-eight weeks.

It has been nearly a month since I’ve written a reflective post; have felt the need to NOT reflect, ponder, think. Just, Be. Much to reflect on tho, with travels to the West Coast, my grandmother’s funeral a week ago in Amsterdam, N.Y., Eitan’s birthday coming up on April 2, this Wednesday, exactly a week after Larry’s.

The Throwback Thursday concept inspired me. I stayed at Grandlady’s California house 12 days ago, and brought home a packet of photos – my grandmother had hundreds, nay, thousands, and my Aunt Janet had set aside a shoeboxful for me. I found this one, from when I was a flower girl at her wedding in 1968. Family lore has it that my dad was supposed to film the wedding, which he did, but there was way more footage of adorable flower girl than bride and groom. She’s a widow now, lost her husband a few years ago, before he turned 70.

Still much to process, from this time spent with family, during this time bridging the losses of son and partner, the week-apart birthdays, celebrating two wonderful lives that touched mine too briefly.

The absence is a constant presence.

I love Grandlady’s notes on the back of the photo as much as the picture itself. All capped “RARE PHOTO” indeed!

2014.03.28 Flower Girl

2014.03.28 Flower Girl photo back

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