Thank you to everyone for your beautiful birthday wishes.

During my six years with Larry, he always made my birthday a very special occasion. Knowing it would be a tough one this year, I went to DC to be with my folks, expanding the celebration to lunches with friends there, from elementary school, high school, and beyond. The actual day started with a walk to shul, to the Havurah service I grew up in, complete with aliyah and “Happy Birthday” sung at the Kiddush after. There were calls from Gabriel and Shoshi (celebration with them TK this week, extending the festivities!). Met my dear friend Janet for a walk and cappuccino in the afternoon, then a drive to Great Falls with my folks to Auberge Chez François, a wonderful destination restaurant – fabulous food, very leisurely multi-course meal, with a candle-bedecked caramelized meringue-glacé birthday dessert (what turned out to be the first of three [3!] desserts). All-in-all, a very good day.


2014.01.23 my bday candle


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